In a dynamic showcase of collaboration and innovation, the DYSCOVERY project reached a significant milestone with the successful culmination of its M18 Project Meeting held on March 3, 2023, in Aachen, Germany. This pivotal gathering brought together project partners from diverse backgrounds to discuss  the progress achieved in the first 18 months of this groundbreaking project.

The meeting focused on comprehensively reviewing the advancements made by each partner organization, shedding light on the collective strides taken in the pursuit of our shared objectives. The consortium convened to share insights, exchange knowledge, and explore synergies that have propelled DysCovery forward in its mission.

Throughout the day, participants engaged in informative presentations and discussions, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s developments. From breakthrough discoveries to collaborative solutions, the M18 Project Meeting showcased the dedication and expertise of each partner, highlighting the successful integration of their efforts.

The M18 Project Meeting was not only a platform for reviewing accomplishments but also an opportunity to strengthen partnerships among the project participants.