Excitement is building as KTH Royal Institute of Technology, a key partner in the DysCovery project, prepares to host an enriching and immersive Summer School event on 18 September 2024. This unique opportunity promises to bring together students, researchers, and professionals from diverse backgrounds, creating a collaborative space for exploration and learning in the field of REEs recycling from permanent magnets.

The KTH Summer School will feature a dynamic program, including engaging lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions led by esteemed experts in the field. Participants can look forward to gaining valuable insights into the latest advancements, methodologies, and challenges within the permanent magnets recycling area, all while fostering meaningful connections with peers and industry professionals.

As part of the DysCovery project, this event aligns seamlessly with our mission to push the boundaries of knowledge and cultivate the next generation of innovators. KTH’s commitment to excellence in education and research makes this Summer School an ideal platform for participants to expand their understanding and contribute to the ongoing discourse in our collaborative field.

Stay tuned for more details on registration and the event schedule as we embark on this journey of discovery together.

Save the date for 18 September 2024 and join us in unlocking new possibilities at the KTH-hosted Summer School—an event that epitomizes the spirit of DysCovery and our collective pursuit of knowledge and innovation.