The DysCovery project recently reached a significant milestone with the successful convening of the M23 Project Meeting in the charming city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, on November 24, 2023. This gathering marked the culmination of 23 months of collaboration, innovation, and shared dedication to advancing our collective goals.

The consortium gathered to discuss the progress achieved over the past two years. The meeting provided a comprehensive overview of the advancements made by each partner, offering a glimpse into the impactful contributions that have propelled DysCovery toward its objectives.

The agenda featured insightful presentations from the partners, shedding light on the breakthroughs, challenges overcome, and collaborative efforts that have defined the project’s trajectory.

As we celebrate the success of the M23 Project Meeting, we look forward to the continued journey of DYSCOVERY. The outcomes of this gathering not only reflect our past achievements but also set the stage for the exciting developments that lie ahead.