We are thrilled to acknowledge the stellar participation of CATURA, a valued project partner in DysCovery, at the IRTC Conference held in Lille in February 2023. The conference, with a spotlight on magnet recycling and manufacturing, provided an ideal platform for CATURA to showcase our aims and objectives within the DysCovery project.

CATURA’s representation at the conference was distinguished by impactful presentation by Beate Orberger centered around magnet recycling—within the scope of DysCovery project. Their contributions not only highlighted advancements in sustainable practices but also underlined the crucial role that magnet technologies play in shaping the future of our collaborative field.

CATURA’s active involvement in this conference aligns seamlessly with the DysCovery project’s commitment to advancing the forefront of scientific and technological progress.

As we celebrate CATURA’s success at the IRTC Conference 2023, we anticipate that the insights gained will further propel our collective efforts in magnet recycling.