We’re excited to announce that CATURA GEOPROJECTS, a key collaborator in the DysCovery research project, recently presented a compelling poster at the Re-Mine Extractive Waste: New Business event held on 17th-18th May 2022 in Mechelen, Belgium.

The Re-Mine Extractive Waste: New Business event provided a dynamic platform for industry leaders and researchers to discuss groundbreaking solutions in extractive waste management. CATURA GEOPROJECTS, representing the DysCovery project, took the opportunity to showcase our collaborative innovations in upscaling 3 innovative technologies to TRL 8.

CATURA GEOPROJECTS’ poster highlighted the advancements made within the DysCovery project, focusing on the DysCovery’s business model is based on the extraction of Nd, Dy, Sm, Co and Fe from End-of-Life (EoL) permanent magnets.